Gulf Overview

Gulf Overview

Just as Hong Kong is the gateway to a fast-evolving China, so Bahrain holds the key to the Gulf – including energy-rich Saudi Arabia and Qatar – as well as the vast Middle East and beyond.

Throughout the region new cities are emerging, as governments broaden their economies beyond oil and gas, and living standards rise. Steady growth, superior to that in many parts of the world, is creating good prospects for businesses.

Tourists are visiting the Gulf in rising numbers. They come here for warmth and to sample luxury in our hotels and shopping malls. But they also discover natural attractions such as the coasts, wadis (valleys) and deserts.

Economic development spells opportunity for business. Best known for its huge oil and gas reserves, the region’s governments are investing huge sums in housing and infrastructure, and courting private businesses.

Excellent transport links, a liberal business environment, low costs and a relaxed way of life make Bahrain the ideal access point to all this.