Healthcare in Bahrain


​Bahrain, for many years, has strived to become one of the best healthcare providers in the Gulf region. The government of Bahrain sees healthcare as paramount to the Bahrain's evolution into a service-oriented economy, a place where high skilled practitioners and comprehensive facilities are the norm.
Bahrain has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the Gulf. Data by the World Health Organisation (WHO) points to impressive strides in improving healthcare in Bahrain over the last three decades, largely due to the Kingdom’s robust healthcare infrastructure, including four state-sponsored hospitals, fourteen private institutions and a large number of clinics and maternity hospitals. Bahrain offers free healthcare to all Bahraini nationals.
Furthermore, Bahrain boasts a modern, technologically-advanced and comprehensive healthcare system with an adequate number of qualified Bahraini doctors many of whom have studied aboard and returned home to practice. Bahrain has four medical universities: the Arab Gulf University, the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, the College of Health Science, and AMA International University.
When compared to other countries in the region, Bahrain has one of the highest levels of health expenditure and is also among the healthiest nations in the Gulf1. Bahrain’s government allocated 6.6% of its overall spending towards healthcare in the 2013-2014 budget. There are more doctors, nurses and dentists per population in Bahrain than any other country in the GCC. As of 2012, there were more than 3,000 people working in the private healthcare sector and 9,821 in the public healthcare sector2, 79.1% of which are Bahraini nationals.
In June 2014, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Health Information System won the "Enhanced Public Knowledge Management" Systems for West Asia region award at the United Nations Public Service Awards 2014 in Seoul, South Korea, in recognition of the National Health Information System (I-Seha) and its significant contribution to the development of public healthcare in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Healthcare is available through both private and public systems. Public medical services are free or subsidized. There is high demand for specialized medical services and while latest medical surgical procedures, such as transplants, are already available.
Hospitals in Bahrain include:
American Mission Hospital ​+973 1779 0025
​Awali Hospital ​+973 1775 3333
​Al Hilal Hospital ​+973 1734 4199
​Al Kindi Specialised Hospital ​+973 1724 0444
​Bahrain Defence Force Hospital ​+973 1776 6798
​Bahrain International Hospital ​​+973 1759 8222
​Bahrain Specialist Hospital ​+973 1781 2080
​Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Centre ​+973 7731 0000
​German Orthopedic Hospital ​+973 1774 2282
​Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center ​+973 1723 9239
​Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital ​+973 1782 8282
King Hamad University Hospital +973 1744 4444
​KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre ​+973 1782 2123
​Noor Specialist Hospital ​+973 1726 0026
Saar Medical Centre​ ​+973 1724 8181
​Salmaniya Medical Complex ​+973 1728 4080
​Royal Bahrain Hospital ​+973 1724 6800
​Wellmed Clinic ​+973 1760 0221
1Bahrain Ministry of Health, 2002
2Bahrain Ministry of Health, 2012