Facts and Figures about Bahrain

Facts and Figures

Welcome to Bahrain, one of the Gulf’s most forward-looking and cosmopolitan countries.

At the heart of the Gulf, we are the Middle East’s natural crossroads. For thousands of years people have made our islands their base for visiting and trading with the wider region.

Nowhere else will you find the same easy blend of openness, cost competitiveness and authenticity. We are proud of this fact and view it as key to increasing the future prosperity of all Bahrainis.

As the Gulf has developed rapidly over the past 50 years, organisations from all over the world have made Bahrain their home in the region. Attracted by our open environment, proximity to the Gulf’s major economies and competitive costs, they have helped to turn Bahrain into a service centre for the Middle East.

Notably we have become a leading financial hub. Businesses have gained from our skilled labour force, and expatriate workers relish the lifestyle Bahrain has to offer.

Building for the future, we plan to combine the best of traditional and modern for the benefit of our visitors and our people.

Area: Bahrain is an island nation, with an area of 770 sq km (archipelago consisting of 33 islands)

Capital city: Manama, our capital, is based in the north of the main island

Religion: Many religions are practiced. Islam is the state religion and we are also home to Christians, Hindus and Jews.

Currency: Bahraini Dinar (BD) (USD 1 = 0.376 BD, fixed peg)

Time zone: Situated between east and west, we are three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3)

Languages: Arabic, English (used as the business language)