Liberal Business environment

Legal Framework


We are committed to maintaining the region’s most liberal business environment, with no corporate income tax, no presonal income tax, no wealth tax on capital gain, no withholding tax, few indirect taxes e.g. 10% municipal tax on tents, and free repatriation of capital, profits or dividends.

We are also the only country in the region that has no 'free zone' restrictions as the whole of Bahrain is considered a free zone. We are also the only country in the region that is offering 100% foreign ownership of business assets and real estate in most sectors.



Additionally, the Bahrain Chamber of Dispute Resolution (in partnership with the American Arbitration Association) provides commercial and governmental users contracting in the Gulf and beyond with solutions for rapid and effective resolution of economic, financial and investment disputes.


Bahrain has also introduced supportive new visa policies (find more here). These policies are an important development that places Bahrain among the countries with the most flexible visa policies in the region, and which will provide easier and quicker access for businesses with operations in Bahrain as well as helping to attract more tourists to the Kingdom.

Unlike any other Gulf country, Bahrain has a fully liberalised telecommunications sector. As a result, Bahrain is ranked the 18th freest economy worldwide, and the freest economy in the MENA region, by 2015 Index of Economic Freedom published by The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation.


Please click here to view the full Index of Economic Freedom