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Ancillary services provide excellent support


One reason for the continued success of Bahrain’s financial services industry is the quality and breadth of its ancillary services. It’s a thriving sector in its own right and reflects perfectly Bahrain’s business proposition that features:

  •  The region’s most skilled bilingual local workforce
  •  The region’s lowest operating costs
  • A highly developed IT infrastructure
Key players
Bahrain’s ancillary services sector covers a wide range of activities, such as customer services solutions, contact centres and secure electronic payments.
Companies operating in Bahrain include:
Benefit: operates Bahrain’s national electronic network for financial transactions. Established in 1997 by 17 commercial banks, Benefit’s latest initiatives include a secure and efficient electronic funds transfer system (EFTS) and electronic bill payment presentment (EBPP).
Silah Gulf: a joint venture between UK-based Merchants and Bahrain’s eGovernment Authority, Silah runs the Bahrain National Contact Centre (NCC). It has won a number of awards over the past five years, including the Middle East’s best Integrated Government Contact Centre and United Nations recognition for its National Contact Centre model.
AFS (Arab Financial Services): with more than 60 bank clients, AFS offers PCI-compliance card payments and outsourced consumer finance.
NEC Payments: meets ever-increasing customer demands for secure transactions across different devices and platforms, such as payment cards, ATMs, mobiles and online banking.
Invita: provides multilingual contact centre services. With planned expansion across the GCC, Invita focuses on business process outsourcing (BPO), IT services, consultancy and training.