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Great place, happy to be here, say expats

Three new reports show that Bahrain continues to be the GCC’s location of choice, among both expatriates and nationals. Not only do we offer the highest quality of life; people who live here are among the most content.
HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey 2014, which describes the opportunities and challenges that expatriates face away from home, places Bahrain fifth in the world (behind Switzerland, Singapore, China and Germany).
In the detailed findings, Bahrain was globally considered:
• Second for ‘expatriate experience’ – overall quality of life
• Ninth for ‘raising children abroad’ – childcare and education
• Eleventh for ‘expatriate expenses’ – everyday costs and disposable income
What is more:
• 62% of expatriates say they enjoy a good work-life balance in Bahrain, versus the 40% global average
• 38% of expatriates enjoy a more active social life since moving, compared to the 28% regional and global average
Bahrain ranks thirteenth in the world alongside Australia, Malta and the UK in Gallup Healthways’ 2013 State of Global Well-Being Index – for the percentage of the population thriving in three or more of elements of well-being*. The Kingdom also ranked tenth in the world for financial well-being, higher than other GCC countries surveyed.
*Purpose, social, community, financial and physical