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  • Bahrain Skylines

    A selection of city view images from Bahrain

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  • Business Friendly Bahrain

    A picture of life and work in Bahrain, the business-friendly centre of the Gulf.

  • Business Friendly Bahrain - Financial Services

    Discover why business leaders believe in Bahrain for finance – whether thanks our strong economic performance, transparent regulation, ease of doing business or pre-eminence in Islamic banking.

  • Culture and Heritage

    Snapshots of Bahrain's rich culture and heritage

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  • Jaap Vaandrager

    Jaap Vaandrager runs a Dutch company in Bahrain and at the same time represents the Consulate of The Netherlands. Jaap reflects on his experience to highlight Bahrain's advantages from a business and lifestyle perspective.

  • Jonathan Crosse

    Jonathan “Jonty” Crosse was born and educated in the United Kingdom and first arrived in Bahrain for a holiday in July 1972 aged 13. When asked why he chose to remain in Bahrain for so many years, Jonty explains that, for him, it is the sense of being part of the Bahraini society that makes it all the more reason to stay here.

  • MCLAREN MP4 - 12C in Bahrain

    This video unveils the new super-car, Mclaren MP4-12C, in the Middle East. The all-new MP4 is pushed to the limits in a steering and control test by driving experts at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).

  • Nature Wildlife in Bahrain

    A variety of images for rare animals and Oryxs

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  • People

    Meet the people of Bahrain

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  • Roaya Saleh

    Roaya Saleh is a Bahraini mother of 4 boys. Finding little professional satisfaction in the world of Banking, she decided to indulge her passion and established “Villa Mama’s” a restaurant in the Saar area of Bahrain that serves fresh, organic Bahraini cuisine.

  • Bahrain Skilled Workforce

    Discover why major employers value Bahrain’s educated, bilingual and motivated local workforce – the region’s most highly skilled.

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