Deena Al Ansari

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 After finishing her studies abroad, Deena Al Ansari has set her mind to working, and excelling, in the high-intensity world of Banking. Starting off as a management trainee, she quickly climbed the ranks to become a loans manager within a span of 6 years.

She relished the fast pace of her job and thought nothing of the long hours spent at the office - except for one thing. Her late nights meant not having the time to go to a salon for a manicure or a spa for a hard-earned massage.
And that is how The Mobile Spa was born. Recognizing the need for at-home salon services in a country with a growing female workforce, the Mobile Spa caters to professional women whose hectic modern lifestyle prevents them from indulging in the little beauty rituals they enjoy.
Six months after co-founding The Mobile Spa with her friend Souha Sawan, Deena went on to establish The Beauty Company - Bahrain's first distributor of mobile spa products which now also distributes to Dubai, with future plans to expand. Deena and Souha have also  just recently been awarded the "Bahraini Female Entrepreneur Honour Seal" by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa in March 2016.
Find out more about Deena's entrepreneurial ventures in the video above.
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