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  • Arun Aravindan

    Category:  Hidden Gems09 March, 2016

    ​   Arun Aravindan worked as a regional consultant in an international firm based in a major city in the Middle East. He experienced great success in his role, and reaped the benefits of working within the burgeoning region. But between 10+ hour work days and relentless traffic, something seemed to be missing.   Then came an opportunity to own a business in Bahrain, buying out an established firm thereby owning 80% of the business - with the remaining 20% owned by his family members.   In Bahrain, he found the work-life balance he craved and a rich social life he lacked, neither of which he was able to enjoy in his previously manic position.   Find out more about Arun's journey and his new lease on life in Bahrain.

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  • Jaap Vaandrager

    Category:  Hidden Gems30 June, 2013

    ​     Jaap Vaandrager runs a Dutch company in Bahrain and at the same time represents the Consulate of The Netherlands. Jaap reflects on his experience to highlight Bahrain's advantages from a business and lifestyle perspective.

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  • Jonathan Crosse

    Category:  Hidden Gems17 May, 2013

        Jonathan “Jonty” Crosse was born and educated in the United Kingdom and first arrived in Bahrain for a holiday in July 1972 aged 13. His father, Tony, had just joined, the then, national carrier of the Gulf, “Gulf Aviation” the predecessor to Gulf Air, as a pilot flying Fokker Friendships (F27) then VC10’s, and ultimately the ‘5 Star’ Tristar L1011.   Up until the end of 1987, when Tony retired, Jonty’s mother, Patsy, made Bahrain home for her family at a time when infrastructure was not what it is today and services were more basic. In spite of the challenges, she was able in 1974, along with Sheikha Lulwa Al Khalifa of the Children and Mothers Welfare Society, to establish “Hope House” Bahrain’s first home for the orphaned and handicapped, for whic...

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