Work & employment

Work & Employment

In 2006, Baharain introduced Labour Market reforms and has been continously tackling issues related to this sector by drafting a strategy and policy of employment of nationals and expatriate employees. The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is responsible for regulating and controlling work permits for expatriate employees and self-employed, in addition to issuing licences for manpower and recruitment agencies. Bahrain spares no effort to raise awareness of the expatriate employees and their families coming to the Kingdom of Bahrain, in order to guarantee their rights and to establish social partnership based on equal rights and obligations.

​Indictor ​Value ​Forecast
​Total Employment (December 2014) 687,147 N/A
          ​- Bahraini 22.8% ​N/A
​          - Non-Bahraini 77.2% ​N/A
​Unemployment rate (Bahraini, December 2014) ​3.8% ​N/A

If you are an Employer looking to hire expatriate employees in Bahrain, click here for more info.

If you are an Expatriate Employee looking to work in Bahrain, click here for more info.