Driving Around Bahrain

Driving Around

For those who prefer to drive themselves, roads in Bahrain are not as congested as some other GCC countries. Traffic signs are in both Arabic and English. Motorways and major roads in the northern third of Bahrain are four to six lanes wide and well maintained. Roads in villages and older parts of the capital city Manama and Muharraq are narrower.

There are numerous car rental firms providing daily, weekly or monthly vehicle hire.

​Car Rentals in Bahrain include:
​Al Kobaisi ​+973 1732 1263
​AVIS ​+973 1732 1306
​Avenue ​+973 1732 9277
​AXIS ​+973 1700 3366
Budget +973 1732 1268
​Elite ​+973 1732 9299
Europecar ​+973 1732 1249
​Gulf ​+973 1731 1301
Hanco ​+973 1732 1358
​Hertz ​+973 1732 1358
​National ​+973 1732 1306
​Oscar ​+973 1732 1313
​SIXT ​+973 1771 1770
​Udrive ​+973 1732 1208

International driving licenses are permitted and are valid for driving for a year, though durations differ from nation to another. A Bahraini driving license can be obtained from the General Directorate of Traffic in Isa Town. Additionally, the citizen of the following countries can exchange their home countries' driving license for a Bahraini-issued driving license without taking the driving evaluation tests:

Algeria ​Argentina ​Australia​ Austria
Bahamas Belgium ​​Bermuda ​Brazil
Brunei Bulgaria ​​Canada ​China
Cyprus ​Czech Republic ​​Denmark ​United Arab Emirates
Finland France ​Germany ​Ghana
Greece Hong Kong ​Hungary Iceland​
Indonesia Ireland ​Italy ​Jamaica
Japan Jordan ​Kenya ​Kuwait
Luxembourg Malawi ​Malaysia ​Malta
Mauritania Mexico ​Monaco ​Morocco
New Zealand Nigeria ​Norway ​Oman
Poland Portugal ​Qatar ​Romania
Russia Saudi Arabia ​Singapore ​Slovakia
​South Africa ​South Korea ​Spain ​Sweden
​Switzerland ​The Netherlands ​Trinidad and Tobago ​Tunisia
​Turkey ​United Kingdom ​United States of America

Bahrain's Traffic Law is implemented first and foremost to protect the citizens and to maintain the traffic safety on the road. Below is a list of various traffic violations:


For more info, contact the General Directorate of Traffic on traffic@gdt.gov.bh or call +973 17872222 or +973 17872287.