Work & Residence Permits

Work and Residence Permits

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is responsible for regulating and controlling work permits for expatriate employees and self-employed, in addition to issuing licences for manpower and recruitment agencies.

Services provided by LMRA to expatriate employees include:
Issue work permit and work permit renewal
Provide entry visa and residence permit and multiple entry, and ID cards for worker and family in coordination with concerned bodies
Facilitate medical check-up appointments in coordination with Ministry of health
Before leaving your country
1. Check validity of your work permit on LMRA website by entering your permit number in the proper field via Note: If you have worked in Bahrain before please hand over your old ID card to your employer before he applies for you.
2. Make sure you carry the following documents with you:
Two copies of your passport, must be valid for more than 6 months
Copy of the LMRA work permit
Copy of employment contract
Driving license (if available)
Degrees and qualification certificates (if available)
Copy of marriage certificate if you intend to bring your spouse and children
3. Please refer to the list of approved medical centres in your country to carry out medical check-ups at these approved centres only. To check list please visit
When you arrive in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Proceed to the LMRA counters and provide copy of your work permit and passport, the LMRA will coordinate with concerned bodies to provide you with a ID card, residence permit and medical appointment for check-up.
You will provide LMRA with your finger prints your photo and your signature at the LMRA counter when you first enter the kingdom. If this is not possible at airport you will have to visit the LMRA headquarters within one month of arrival.
In case you wish to do transfer you will have to fill a transfer request form and attach your ID card copy.
After arrival into the Kingdom of Bahrain
To avoid any penalties and legal issues or cancellation of your work permit, and to determine your stay in the kingdom legally please follow these steps:
1. Work only the job you are assigned in your work permit and no other job.
2. Work only in the location of the site mentioned in your work permit or other branches of the same employer and same job.
3. Cooperate with the LMRA inspection officers when they ask for verification of fingerprints or documents.
4. Stick to the rules of your employment contract.
5. Your request for transfer will prevent your employer from renewing your work permit or registering you as absent from work.
6. Do not pay any amount in return for a work permit, or to renew your work permit or to transfer to another employer.
7. Abide by all Kingdom of Bahrain laws and respect the traditions and culture of the country.
8. Do not be absent from work for more than 15 continuous days without notifying your employer or his permission, or any other reason not mentioned in the law.
9. If you have any dispute with your employer please refer to the labour courts at the Ministry of Justice and Islamic affairs.
10. You can check status of your work permit by mobile service at any time. Send a message with your ID card number (CPR XXXXXXXXX) to the following numbers: Batelco 90168, Zain 77070 or Viva 98690
Transfer to another employer
A worker has the right to transfer to another employer, as per the provisions of the LMRA resolution no 79 for 2009 regulating the transfer process as follows:
1. Transfer without consent of employer
Complete one full year with the current employer before starting transfer process
Notify the current employer of your intent to transfer via a registered letter and retain the notification of receipt of the same from the post office, within the time fixed in the employment contract and not exceeding 3 months notice period
Then follow up with the new intended employer for application submission and LMRA requirements for transfer.
2. Transfer with consent of employer
In coordination with first employer, the second employer applies for the worker at LMRA meeting all the requirements.
In the LMRA system, the first employer allows transfer for the worker and the transfer is done after the second employer pays the necessary fees.
3. Transfer in case of expired work permit or other reasons
Inform the LMRA of your intention within 30 days before expiry of your work permit or within 5 days of your knowledge of cancellation of your work permit, by coming personally to the LMRA.
You are given 30 days period to transfer and within this period you are not allowed to take up any form of employment.
For more information, visit the Expatriate Employee Services Guide or call the LMRA on +973 1750 6055